Friday, February 18, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 or "I've waited ten friggin' years"

Let me preface this review.

I am not a fan of the new fighting system.

That being said.


All of the characters are so intricate, fun and for the first time in a VS. series, able.

Able you say? What do I mean by that you wonder? Well it's the fact that every single character has a team that they can show off their potential in. Characters that you would feel should be unplayable in every aspect show the strength to take down even the best standard characters (I.E. Sentinel). Felicia has some cute little traps and show us that she's not just here for fanboys.

I felt as soon as I picked up this game my team would be the same old MSS(Magneto, Storm, Sentinel for you non-MVC2 heads) but soon enough found myself allured by the new characters.

The following is a story of my experience through the trials of finding a "Main" team. You can skip to the actual review part if you would like, it will have a big TL;DR.

So as soon as I found myself pummeling people with Viewtiful Joe/She-Hulk/Haggar I was in a word, overjoyed. It was only to my first loss to MSS did I feel like this was going to be more of the same of MVC2.

Gratefully though, I was mistaken. After tuning up combo's a bit more with my team, I started to deliver the pain better than I would have though possible with such a band of misfits!

I yearned for more. I stared to play online, and after a couple of matches, I felt like the composition of my team needed to change. Nay, not just for the fact that I lost a bunch of very close games, mostly for the fact that the characters actually did not excite me anymore.

I decided that I needed to find a team that not only was fun to me, but almost made an opponent wince after seeing them.

I settled on Hulk/Sentinel/Phoenix. Hulk, to be honest, was not someone I was comfortable going back to cause of the significant nerf's from the previous game. I did choose him because of the memories of Gamma Crushing insignificants in the glory days of MVC. Sentinel felt like an obvious inclusion because he was the only reason I was any good at MVC2.

Then we come to Phoenix. I had no reason to choose her. None. Other than the fact that Cyclops told me to.
It was in a dream I swear.

After a couple of rounds through arcade, I decided to again, test myself on the atrocity they call online.
If I may say, Gamma Crush is friggin sick. Plasma Storm is friggin sick. Dark Phoenix is broke.

After many hours of ludicrous games, I decided that I had found my main team and was okay with it.


Onto an actual review of the game. The gameplay is crisp, nothing feels slow, combos work how they should. There are no hidden frames that you need to hit(that I know of). The button layout is simple. Everything is explained in the tiny little manual that you get with the game. Mission mode converts even the most casual, to hardcore.

It's just so fun!

The colors, the vibrant colors, the 3d effect, the character pallet's, everything looks fantastic.

It's gorgeous.

My actual review is short, but that's because everything has already been said.
This next line might feel a little pushed but...
If you don't own this game already buy it now.

That being said from someone who waited ten years for this game.

5 Cheap a** Resurrections our of 5