Monday, October 4, 2010

Dead Rising 2, or Rising Dead...more?


Let's hop right into this review. Dead Rising 2 is a fantastic game, but given the attention that the original Dead Rising had, that shouldn't surprise you. This game is more than just a sequel, it's a game that makes you care about Chuck Greene(the Protagonist and former Motocross Champion).

The story starts with Chuck participating in an event called, Terror is Reality, an American Gladiators-like show where contestants splatter zombies all over the place for cold hard cash! The show's current version is being held in Fortune City, their version of Las Vegas. Tyrone King hosts the show, along with his twin assistants, Amber and Crystal Bailey. Chuck joins the show to raise funds for Zombrex, medication for those bitten by Zombies. This is where you learn his daughter, Katey, was bit by her mother during the previous zombie outbreak

Now to get to the juicy stuff! The multi-player in this game is friggin' sweet. Duct tape is glorious. The amount of gore and (re)dead zombies is just amazing. This is more than just a sequel, it's a se-kill.

Look at that, I made a word.

4 chainsaw on a stick's out of 5.

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