Monday, October 11, 2010

New Nightmares


Oh Freddy, look how much you've... ew. This re-make, re-imaginig, re-whatever tries very hard to incur fear into you. Let's start with a brief summary of the first half of the movie.

The movie starts in Springwood Diner, where at the end of the first scene, Dean(Kellan Lutz) falls asleep at a table and meets Freddy(Jackie Earle Haley). Our good buddy Dean does not make it out of the dream, cutting his own throat while his girlfriend Kris (Katie Cassidy) and waitress, Nancy (Rooney Mara) gets to watch. At Dean's funeral Kris sees a photo of her and Dean as children, but doesn't remember meeting him before high school. Kris begins to dream about Freddy, and tries not to sleep for fear that she'll suffer the same fate as Dean. Jesse (Thomas Dekker), Kris' ex-boyfriend, shows up to her house to calm her down, so she can sleep easy. Fortunes turn as Freddy has his way with Kris. Covered in obscene amounts of blood, Jesse run's to Nancy's house to explain what happened, and he learns that Nancy has been having the same kind of dreams.

All I can say is genius! Probably not though, as we've seen this before. The inherit issue with this movie, and probably the reason it is rated so low is because you don't care about any character that Freddy kills. I mean, we get like 3 minutes of screentime and then they get the chop. I understand that's how horror movies work nowadays, but emotional attachment to a character is why we were so sad that Depp died at the end of the first movie.To be honest, that acting was not terrible for a slasher flick. Haley really brought out the sinister of a character we started to mock, and was the saving grace of this film. The tie up at the end is near perfect and really makes you feel good for watching this just okay movie. To quote Roger Ebert "I stared at A Nightmare on Elm Street with weary resignation. The movie consists of a series of teenagers who are introduced, haunted by nightmares and then slashed to death by Freddy. So what? Are we supposed to be scared? Is the sudden clanging chord supposed to evoke a fearful Palovian response?"

2 Nails on a Chalkboard out of 5.

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