Friday, October 1, 2010



Today's piece of the pie is a tasty little album titled, "Invented" by Jimmy Eat World.

"Heart Is Hard to Find" is the first song on the album, and while being a little light, is totally a great opener to this album.

"Evidence" and "Higher Devotion" are almost typical Jimmy Eat World songs. Both of them, tell a wonderful story and are pieces of this album that are needed.

"Coffee and Cigarettes" is probably my favorite song on the album, and I'm sure most people will knock it, but musically the arrangements are fan-freaking-tastic.

"Littlething" is just amazing. The orchestra-80's-pop-epic tune that makes Jim Adkin's voice just stand out emotionally and get's you right in the heart.

"Action Needs An Audience" is a great return to grace like piece with former lead vocals, Tom Linton on this quick and fiery song.

"Invented" this song can grown on you and maybe could have been split into two parts. This title track is a slow building ballad that can lose your attention early, but when you get to the big finish, it's just like a "Pow-Right-In-The-Kisser" ending. Probably the most memorable out of any song on this album.

Now, to review the album as a whole. While not as honest-to-goodness great as Clarity it's still fantastic. At times it's very gritty, and has a lot of substance. Yet it still reminds me of older Jimmy Eat World albums, with all their Alt Rock galore.

So "Invented" is really good. Like really good. Probably my favorite Jimmy Eat World album. Go buy it.

5 Mixtapes, out of 5.

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